Credits - A Victorian's Inheritance by author Helen Parker-Drabble

Who Do I Think You Were? A Victorian’s Inheritance

 Thanks to Scott Phillips and his blog Genealogy as Therapy It crystallised the direction of my writing about my Victorian grandfather, thanks Scott.


For my Factual Tale: Buried Letters, which won the over 18 category in the Away From the Western Front creative writing competition

There are some significant people whose intelligent questions, honest criticism and reassuring cheer-leading made this story possible: My father Harry, son & fellow writer, Iain Hamilton and the-all-important Eastcott Writers group.

I’m also indebted to Alan Cumming, the man behind the Scottish Women’s Hospitals website. Alan sacrificed precious time answering my naive questions, was generous in his encouragement, even after long days of shovelling snow, and showed me how much can be achieved if you have passion. More of Alan’s journey can be found on Facebook @ Scottish Women’s Hospitals.

Special recognition must go to Billiana N, Ljiljana Jevtic and Aleksandar Jankovic. Each contributed a Serbian perspective whether it be the language used or Sasha’s back story. Their input gave me the confidence to submit a tale of love, between a Yorkshire nurse and a Serbian interpreter, forged in the horror of war, one that would change their lives irrevocably.

Heartfelt gratitude to a talented, patient, editor and coach, author Vrinda Pendred. Vrinda’s advice and guidance is inestimable.


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