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Helen Parker-Drabble - Family Historian & Geneatherapist

Helen Parker-Drabble – Family Historian & Geneatherapist

Welcome! Are you:

  • interested in a Victorian ancestor?
  • curious about life in an English village around 1885-1907?
  • looking for examples of family history writing?
  • intrigued by psychological inheritance and the legacies we leave behind?

I’m so glad you found me. I’d like to suggest a different way of understanding our ancestors, one that can help present and future generations.

Who Do I Think You Were? A Victorian’s Inheritance

An accessible exploration of the life and times of Walter Parker, a Victorian working-class youth growing up at the Tank Yard in the English village of Thorney, on the 11th Duke of Bedford’s forgotten estate.

Told by his geneatherapist granddaughter, author Helen Parker-Drabble.

Including – A psychological inheritance shared by millions:

A rural setting

An alcoholic parent

A co-dependent heritage

Transgenerational threads of depression, anxiety, trauma and loss


The biography Who Do I Think You Were? A Victorian’s Inheritance touches on issues relevant to millions researching their own family histories. It offers psychological inheritance as an additional lens for examining the lives of family long gone.

If you would like to know when this biography is published, please click here to register your interest. If you leave your name and email address, I will be delighted to send you a link to the book’s introduction. (Don’t worry: I won’t use your information for anything else.)

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An intelligent, sensitive and an engrossing, enjoyable read. The mix of family ancestry, historical research and psychology gives it depth and interest.  I loved the insights into village life. Some of your research was just astonishing – Kevin A. Worrall

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