Testimonials - A Victorian's Inheritance by author Helen Parker-Drabble

Winner over 18 category: Congratulations on your short story Buried Letters

‘Away from the Western Front’ Creative Writing Competition

The organisers had this to say about my factual tale about Cousin Chloris Drabble, a nurse serving with the Scottish Women’s Hospitals in Macedonia during WW1:  We were very impressed by your entry, ‘Buried Letters’. The approach you chose – reconstructed letters – offered a route into the hearts and minds of the three writers so that we were able to empathise with them in the way that one can with original objects and documents. You have given each writer a distinctive voice, so that it’s almost possible to believe that these are actual letters. The effect is made all the more authentic by the historical context, which comes over as very realistic, and is undoubtedly based on extensive research. We also liked the modern context, which you are obviously part of – that of family history researchers who have opened up the history of the First World War, including our own project, through their painstaking work.

From readers

‘Your tale is excellent, it’s emotional, everyone can empathize with it. You had a great idea, and you put effort to realize it.’ Aleksandar Jankovic

‘Wow! – just read your entry. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck and a lump rose in my throat. ‘ Anita Evans

Away From the Western Front Conference 30th October 2018 in Bristol
Photographer: Alexander Tabrizi

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